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Sd Card Organizer - 4 Slot

Workspace Organizers

As a photographer & filmmaker, I gotta keep my workspace clean and organized.

My motto is: Clean desk. Clean head. Clean work.

I couldn’t stand the sight of my memory cards stacked on my computer randomly any longer, and I finally decided to do something about it…

So… I bought a 3D printer, then taught myself Blender, then designed an SD Card Organizer.

It took quite a few iterations and tweaking before I got the sizing and dimensions right but I think I finally got the design close to perfect.
And now it’s a real thing that I use every day.

This one holds four standard size SD cards, they fit perfectly into each slot and don’t fall out if you turn it upside down for some reason.

Get one for yourself and let me know if you like it! 

Materials Used: PLA 3D printer filament

Clean desk. Clean head. Clean work.