Lauder WJC Action

Logo Design Options

Design Brief:

The Lauder-WJC Anti-Semitism Initiative is committed to eliminating anti-Semitism wherever it exists, taking on anti-Israel liars and extremists, building unity among Jews and their allies worldwide, and promoting Jewish education globally. We will create a global system of accountability for public officials, institutions, and other figures who express anti-Semitic views or engage in anti-Semitic violence. We will actively take on those who spread misinformation or conspiracies about Jewish people and Israel, as well as about the tragedies of The Holocaust. We will provide opportunities and mechanisms for the global Jewish community to grow in union. Further, we promote Jewish education all over the world and help the next generation of Jewish people grow in their faith.



Design Goals:

Design a logo that will evoke feelings of:

  • Respect
  • Resilience
  • Taking a stand


About this design:


This custom san-serif lettering presents itself with a bold sternness which demands respect through its abrupt angles, symmetrical curves and simplicity. The choice in typography reflects a feeling of professionalism, modernism and seriousness described by the issues expressed in the brief. 


The encompassing motif depicted is a modern interpretation of the highly recognized symbol, the Star of David. The slightly curved and interwoven lines represent the oneness and strength of the Jewish people. In the center of the star burns a single flame, which represents the Ner Tamid: The light of truth, a symbol of resilience and Jewish pride.

Below are the logo variations of this concept. I have labeled the columns and rows so we may easily identify each variation.

Below are versions C & D which display the encompassing star with straight lines rather than curved.