Our work

Amazon Product Listing Assets

Client: Blue Ridge Koi

Industry: Premium Goldfish & Koi food

Goals: Connect with more customers and become the leader in the fish food market on Amazon.

Assets Delivered:

1. Product Photography

2. Brand Video

3. Amazon listing graphics

Results: These assets haven’t quite yet launched but we’ll update you in the next month or so!

Marketing Assets for Scale

Client: Canopy Builders

Industry: Outdoor Living & Construction

Goals: Establish the necessary digital & creative infrastructure in order to hire more employees, get more sales and better positioning in the highly competitive market.

Assets Delivered:

1. Brand direction & marketing strategy

2. Custom website & Lead-gen Tools

3. Hubspot Setup

4. Photography & video (Core Content) 

5. Social Media Content

Results: Within the first month of launching Canopy Builder’s new website, they have booked more high-paying, high-quality clients than ever before.

From B2B to B2C

Client: BrainTree Nutrition

Industry: Brain Health

Goals: Appeal to direct consumer market with eye-catching content and an e-commerce website over-haul.

Assets Delivered:

1. Product Photography

2. Product video content & ads.

5. Customized Shopify theme

Results: Within two months of launching BrainTree Nutrition’s website, and running content campaigns, their conversion rate has more than doubled.